Tunisia-Imed Darwich: Mayde Mayde Sink Sink !!Free Kerosene,World Economy Will Fly

Tunisia, small country in the Mediterranean Sea, south of France and Italy, a 3000 years of Roman and Phoenician history,800 hotels closed,1 million unemployed above the usual number.

myself, an oil and gas expert, lives in the air,3 months in the ground. Timesheet records 0 $.

April 20th, 2020, The WTI Crude went down to -37$ per barrel.

This past week, the gas price in Europe was approaching Zero $, the MBTU. This is due to the drop of Consumption World Wide., lockdown and planes forced to shut down engines. A Fancy energy and refined product can be the genuine Solution to push back the World economy: Kerosene, or jet fuel.

Kerosene is produced in each refinery in the World. We are Producing and Consuming 1 million tons per day to let all planes fly.


Today’s price of Kerosene is approximately 250$ per ton. 250 million $ is consumed every day. If we fill all world tanks in the millions of airports in the World, by an agreed mechanism, as the whole World 8 trillion subsidies to the world economy, we will allow all planes to fly, with 50% less in opexes, since Kerosene cost represents approximately 30 to 50%.

Free Kerosene, will also allow flights with 50% of passengers; “Aero-Distancing” this is supported by the movement of the air in the cabin which is technically from top to down. No Right No Left No Forward No Backward. We are safe airwise,


All is related to air transportation: industry, Tourism, Fresh Food Trading, Medicine ext…


Is it theoretical? Can we implement it practically in the ground!? No Doubt. We need the commitment of every player. In open economies, like the US and Europe, where refineries belong to big companies, we can offset their free contribution of Kerosene from their tax pool.


For Refineries operated by governments, like most of the MENA countries, it is a simple decision from the governments, to feed all their airports by their own Kerosene Production, which is almost 8% of their total refined products.

It is for a short time, few months, until vaccines or tablets that kill the virus. There is always a first time as we say …someone has to start ,the others will follow.


Mr. Trump, Mr. World Bank, Mrs. La Garde, Mr. Xi Jinping, Mr. Abe”Notre ami Emanuel”, Fill the tanks in airports one way or another, The World Economy Will FLY!


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