Tunisia-Inflation rate stabilizes in September at 6.7%

In September 2019, inflation rates stabilized at 6.7%, according to prominent figures issued by the National Institute of Statistics.

This economic stability is adequately demonstrated on one hand by food price increases which rose from 7.3% against 7.4% in August and, on the other hand, by the speedup in alcoholic beverages and tobacco prices which spiked to 22.4% against 15.2% and educational goods and services price which doubled from 5.4% to 6.9%.

The INS promptly announced that in September 2019, the consumer costs bound up 0.6% for the second month in a raw. This is principally owing to the increase in tobacco prices which rose by 6.3% in and education services and products which increase by 4.0% according to the INS, food prices and clothing remained constant

.Every month, food prices prevailed in to be consistent, partially due to the increase in the costs of dried vegetables by 1.3%, fresh fish and eggs by 0.9% and cheese and milk products by 0.6%.

On the other hand, consumer prices declined in pullets prices by 1.8% and those of fresh vegetables by 1.2%. In September 2019, food prices bordered 7.3% over a year.
This is strikingly illustrated by the gradual rise in vegetable costs 10.1%, cheese and eggs 9.1%, meat 8.6%, fruit 7.8% and drinks and juice 7.6%.

The prices of produced goods soared by 8.2% due to a 10.2% rise in the prices of household cleansing goods and 9.2% for building supplies. Moreover, the core inflation rate (eliminating food and energy) reached 6.9%, contrasted with 6.7% in August and 6.5% in July 2019.
The prices of uncontrolled free products rose to 7.3% against 4.9% for regulated prices. Free food products progressed by 8.4% opposed to 2.4% for administered-price food products.
Educational products and services properly registered a gradual rise at the commencement of the school and university year 2019-2020, services and school supplies edged up 4.0%.
Prices for the private pre-primary and primary education services rose by 3.7%, private secondary education 4.9%, and school supplies by 7%.


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