Tunisia-INM: Astronomically, Aid El Fitr should occur on May 13

Astronomical data show it is impossible to sight the crescent moon for the month of Chaoual on May 11, in Tunisia and most Islamic nations, after sunset of Tuesday, May 11, 2021, which corresponded to 29 Ramadan 1442 AH, announced Friday, the National Institute of Meteorology (INM).
The INM pointed out that the single authorized party to declare the date of the advent of the Hijri months is Diwan El-Ifta “Cabinet of the Mufti of the Republic”, adding that the Institute regularly presents to the Mufti of the Republic, a thorough report on the astronomical data relating to the crescent of each Hijri month of the like the month of Ramadan.

For this year, astronomically, the start of the month Chaoual would consequently be May 13, 2021. The announcement remains one of the prerogatives of the Mufti of the Republic

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