Tunisia-Jaffel: President of the Republic insists on revising law governing CSM

Minister of Justice Leila Jaffel said on Wednesday that “the President of the Republic is committed to the Supreme Judicial Council (CSM)” with a “revision of the law governing it so as to guarantee the rights of magistrates, to allow them to best accomplish their mission and to ensure that litigants enjoy their full rights.

“The Head of State insisted on the preservation of the Supreme Judicial Council as a constitutional institution guaranteeing the independence of justice,” the minister said at the end of their meeting.

“He stressed that the process of revising the law organising the CSM will be democratic and inclusive, and will make it possible to guarantee justice for all,” she added in a video published on the page of the Presidency of the Republic.

A provisional authority or council will ensure the treatment of urgent issues during the next period, until the installation of a Supreme Judicial Council in accordance with the new law, the minister explained.

The President of the Republic had announced on Saturday the dissolution of the Supreme Judicial Council, saying that a decree to this effect would be issued shortly.




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