Tunisia-Kairouan-Nasrallah: He raped and tortured a teenage girl

An 18-year-old girl was kidnapped in a home in downtown Nasrallah in Kairouan, violently attacked, some of her body parts marked with a cigarette end. The young girl was raped and shot naked at gunpoint by their young neighbour who serves as a National Guard agent in Kasserine.
Based on the facts of the crime, the perpetrator led the girl’s family to think that she was implicated in a drug affair and that he was able to help them, then requested her to visit him at his home for more information on the alleged case till she succeeded to escape after midnight.
The special research team on crimes of violence against women and children in Bouhajla was able to capture this agent and seize a number of drugs, some clothes of the victim, a knife, and his cell phone which includes video and photos of the victim. The investigating judge at the Kairouan Court of First Instance issued a warrant for the arrest of the alleged agent, directing the inquiry into the case to continue and the forensic examination of the victim.

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