Tunisia – Kaïs Saïed: Confusion and hesitation … international community is worried

The positions of representatives of the international community, in connection to the events of July 25 in Tunisia, are beginning to become more stable and diverse because of the slowness of the process as well as the hesitations which chronicled its continuation. In addition to some “infringements of freedoms” which encumbered it.

The international community is beginning to get impatient and anxious and has been keen to let it be recognised through press releases and other announcements on the networks. The international community blames Kaïs Saïed for several points that are important in relation to them:

First, they express some reservations concerning breaches of freedoms and human rights, in particular, travel bans which impact people who have no reason to be under it, apart from their social status, like businessmen or sports club presidents. The international community would have loved to be a nominal role based on statutory grievances.


The international community insists, furthermore, on the freedom of the press and expression which it views as red lines not to be crossed. Then, what disturbs, particularly, the international community, is the declarations which are not followed by step, like the announcements of the lifting of immunity and of bringing certain MPs to justice. Something that has not perpetually been done.

This leaves onlookers in doubt as to the veracity of these accusations and the presence of court records regarding the personalities referred.

Finally, the international community is concerned about the continued blockage of state constitutional institutions and expresses fears about the consequence of this blockage. The international community would have wanted, for example, with regard to the freezing of parliament, that Saïed had removed people suspected of embezzlement or subject to legal proceedings, and enabled parliament to continue its work.

All this uncertainty, this slowness in development and these messes are operating against Kaïs Saïed who is losing ground internationally. And it appears that those around him did not understand the magnitude of the challenges in this regard. Which would have, among other things, made Kaïs Saïed reproach his foreign minister for a certain lack of responsiveness at this level

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