Tunisia – Kaïs Saïed excludes PDL, 9alb Tounes and Al Karama from national dialogue

Sources close to Carthage Palace affirmed to Tunisie Numerique that the President of the Republic had, before accepting to lead the national debate introduced by the UGTT, established certain conditions, which were, in the end, accepted by the UGTT.
Saïed has demanded the participation of young people from all regions of the, who will have to make their points and objections, without the form and methods of this participation having been explained.

Furthermore, our sources confirm that the president has asked the exclusion of certain political parties from this dialogue. Namely, the Al Karama coalition, for the reasons that everyone can imagine, and which had already been excluded by the UGTT, from its initial proposal, but also, the exclusion of the PDL and 9alb Tounes, by Nabil Karoui. Persuaded of the uselessness of a dialogue which is based, from the outset, on omissions, the UGTT nonetheless ended up accepting these provisions issued by the Presidency of the Republic. And this, in an effort to advance his initiative, and in the face of the state of emergency in which the country found itself.

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