Tunisia-Kais Saïed treated as “autistic” in the middle of the European Parliament

On the sidelines of the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, Javier Nart stated that the economic situation in Tunisia is catastrophic, remembering that the institutions of the State have been destroyed by the head of the state Kais Saïed. “We are confronting a problem of time and an autistic president who does not listen to anyone and who lives in his circle. He is a metaphysical theoretical president who arrives from an academic world. The answer can only come from him because he is the people …… Time is running out and even the administration does not know what the president is thinking. The UGTT can assist, we must act… Business leaders, bar associations, leaders of human rights associations, political parties likewise because there is no other alternative apart from the dictatorship of the autistic … rigid in his thinking. This topic reminds me of Francisco Franco who expressed that Spain was him and he is Spain and this, in the face of an explosive economic situation and destroyed institutions.

What the president desires are the army, nevertheless, we need an inclusive dialogue. If all we do is support Tunisia economically, we will see a country on the brink of explosion very soon. We convey clearly to this bizarre president and this autistic that this aid he will receive will be subordinated to a real inclusive dialogue with the real forces of the country and not those that he decides” he declared.

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