Tunisia- Kasserine: Mayor denies citizens of semolina under the pretence that they didn’t vote for him

The National Anti-Corruption Authority (INLUCC) declared that it acquired 282 reports of offences, monopoly and violation of the general lockdown in Tunisia.


The INLUCC has recorded accusations from some citizens about the blackmail of a mayor, who stopped some residents from obtaining their share of semolina, citing them of not having voted for him in the previous legislative elections.

The Instance also notified on the development of investigations conducted on an MP from the governorate of Kasserine, accused by citizens of conspiracy with certain traders for having monopolized semolina and selling it at high prices.

The investigation had proved that the deputy owned a mill and a packaging factory in Kasserine and that he ordered his workers to sell semolina straight to citizens, in outrageous breach of the legal provisions of the sale of this product, while inquiries continue to determine the prices at which this substance is sold to consumers.


The INLUCC unveiled that citizens continue to report violations by some mayors and some owners of cafes that have opened clandestinely.

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