Tunisia-Khelifi: No tolerance for overruns of security unions

Interior ministry spokesperson Fadhila Khelifi stated at a press briefing this Friday that the ministry inflicts compliance with security work and institutions, in reference to the overruns perpetrated by several security unionists.

Khelifi revealed, in this context, that security units have lifted tents set up by a certain number of trade unionists before the seats of establishments under the ministry, in the diverse regions of the country, after the failure of Negotiations for the withdrawal of these tents, willingly.

She added that several overruns were perpetrated by the trade unionists during this operation and that police in service were assailed.

Fadhila Khelifi said that inquiries have been opened on this subject.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior also confirmed that the institution is open to union work within the framework of compliance with the law, provided that the principles of safety are not impacted

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