Tunisia- Like George Floyd,A Tunisian subjected to violence at the hands of the German police

A Tunisian citizen residing in Germany was assaulted by  Police officers in the city of Krefeld, according to publicly circulated video,

Activists, on social media, broadcasted on Sunday a video of the man captured in a manner similar to George Floyd.

In the video clip, which prompted furious reactions, the Tunisian citizen is shown being hit by the police, and the video clip also shows 3 police officers throwing him to the ground after showing resistance to escaping from their grasp.

Media outlets compared the occurring to what happened to George Floyd.

Explaining the circumstances of the incident, Krefeld police said in a statement, that a fire broke out on Saturday in a building on Blumen Street, remarking that the police tried to evacuate a German citizen and a 47-year-old Tunisian from the building.

According to the statement, during the evacuation, the Tunisian citizen displayed resistance to the police, which prompted the use of force against him.

The statement indicated that the police arrested the German citizen on suspicion of setting fire to the building, while the Tunisian citizen was arrested and an investigation was launched against the police officers accused of using violence against him.

In more details, An article published by DW, reveal that police arrived at the scene after a phone call from residents of a building located on Hubertus Street in Krefeld, informing that a fire had broken out in the basement of the building. When the police arrived at the scene, they headed to the house in question and found a 27-year-old girl and a 47-year-old man with a Tunisian nationality.

The two declined to leave the house, although the garbage can was on fire. The man resisted the police officers and tried to use eye sprays to attack them, according to the statement, which continued that the man was already known to the security services and that he was subsequently arrested on charges of deliberately setting the fire and assaulting security personnel. The girl was also arrested on charges of “deliberately setting fire” before her release on Sunday, while the man was brought before the Public Prosecution Office.

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