Tunisia-Lockdown in northern and southern Medenine and Ben Guerdane

The Regional Committee for Disaster Response in the governorate of Medenine has formally decided during its meeting today, Saturday, to declare a 10 days lockdown in the delegation of Ben Guerdane and Medenine in its northern and southern delegations, beginning next Monday, with the prolongation of the lockdown that had previously been approved in the delegation of Zarzis for one week. The measure also includes a movement ban in the delegations concerned with the lockdown, wearing masks and sanctioning violators.
 The committee further resolved to bar entrance to the island of Djerba except by presenting licenses and convincing reasons in addition to maintaining a decision taken by the regional university of hotels in Djerba and Zarzis to require rapid tests on every tourist upon entering the hostel.
The governor of Medenine, Habib Shawat, required each delegation to provide a centre for compulsory isolation to break the cycle of infection within families, while preparing to set up field hospitals as alternatives when the epidemiological situation worsens, particularly in Medenine and Ben Guerdane.
The committee estimated that the principal cause of the worsening epidemiological situation in the state of Medenine was wedding parties, accordingly it was decided to prevent the marriage contract without presenting a commitment that dictates not to hold a ceremony and respect the health protocol, after coordination with the municipalities and the Chamber of Public Notaries.
It was furthermore decided to assign the municipalities to organize markets, particularly livestock markets, and to focus newly points of sale in a manner that ensures safety conditions such as spacing and others, given that the number of markets does not surpass five markets in each delegation.
The committee also called for the necessity of expanding vaccination and quickening its coordination with the support of the efforts of the military establishment.
 Medenine governor emphasised that the next stage will pass from addressing citizens’ awareness to implementing the law.

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