Tunisia-Médenine’s families are preserving the local traditions of the 27th night of Ramadan

According to the personal testimony of one the local resident of Médenine to “Tunisie Numérique”. Many local families of Médenine gather to joyfully celebrate the 27th balmy night of Ramadan. A tradition that is preserved and transmitted from one generation to another.

In this night Couscous and Tajine tastefully grace the Tunisian table. Both traditional dishes are prominent in Tunisian cuisine the first is typically prepared with delicious meat while the latter is typically characterized by the notable addition of peppers and tomatoes to its unique mixture, back in the old days Tajine used to be baked in the hearth but today it is typically made in a standard oven.

Other traditions also include the donation of money and the distribution of Couscous for families in need. Back in the day’s local inhabitant of Médnine used to cook Couscous for Mosques for passersby to eat but since the diminishment of this tradition, Charity is distributed instead.

Not far away from of Médenine, Djerba rejoices the 27th of Ramadan differently, instead of cooking Couscous they typically receive it from Médenine’s local residents.



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