Tunisia-Mehdi Ben Gharbia’s defence committee publishes statement to the public, unveiling the circumstances of their client ‘s case

The member of Mahdi Ben Garbia defence committee said this Sunday, October 17, 2021, in a press release that a nine hours inspection of their client house including his current residence in Manouba, former house and his office as well as his residence in Bizete ) did not lead to the seizure of any paper or material that would back suspensions against Gharbia.
The research concerned another person through which Gharbia is to be involved in the money laundering crime through a fictitious interface. The source added that file and the documents submitted and what the client was questioned about completely refute this accusation.
It was proven to the Ben Gharbia attorney upon seeing the notice to keep him at 3: am that the phrase” public prosecutor” was not accompanied by the name and title of the assistant. However, it is recognized in judicial proceedings to include this specific information at the bottom of every decision or ruling for the safety of the principle of transparency and the right to accountability and defamation as well as a fair trial.
 The same source pointed out with regard to the Public Prosecution on the so-called suspected “tax crimes” on which the detention was based, it must be evoked that any criminal suspicion that requires detention and inquiry must be related to specific crimes and precise expressions. However, during the interrogation, no question was directed to the client on the aforementioned matter which is conclusive evidence of the confusion of the Public Prosecution in charge of the file.
The conviction was established that the client was targeted in view of the unconventional means and material used, the adoption of the unjustified method of raiding, and the fabrication of an investigation leaflet by the Public Prosecution on the pretence of his rejection to receive the summons from one of the branches of the undertaking research team.
He was also in contact with the same squad, the police, and the tax authorities by giving documents, implementing delays, and receiving a summons for the period preceding the raid, evoking that Ben Gharbia underwent a 15 hours interrogation on September 30, 2021, as well as his detention From 11 a.m. yesterday until he was notified that he would be kept at 3 a.m. today.
After that, he felt unusual fatigue which required his transferal to the nearest public hospital, and the medical team ordered him to be kept, his state of health has worsened as a result of the moral tortures against him.
The team held the legal and moral responsibility in this regard to all those who partook in this dishonest, directed and
politicized campaign against their client and supported by influential parties.

The source concluded that Ben Gharbia is still a victim of distortion and incitement campaigns, the publication of his personal data and the leakage of administrative documents successively and  simultaneously with that the client has lived today, carried out by the newspaper “ Al-Thawra News “, who still possesses immunity despite having perpetrated a proven crime differing from extortion by registration and judicial notice, to permanent impunity”

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