Tunisia-Minister of Health: Possibility to allocate the next vacation to impose Lockdown

Minister of Health Fawzi Mahdi proposed the likelihood of allocating the next vacation to impose Lockdown, remarking that this proposal will be submitted to the government for study in a ministerial council, along with other measures to strengthen the previous preventive measures.

In a statement to Maghreb‎ Journal, He pointed out a ministerial council will meet to examine the possibility of allocating the next vacation to impose Lockdown and take other measures.

The Minister of Health estimated that imposing a Lockdown in the country no longer has any meaning and that the Scientific Committee to confront the Coronavirus has recommended reinforcing measures such as banning demonstrations, limiting chairs and tables in cafes to the maximum, and other decisions that command strict enforcement.

Mr Mahdi confirmed that 60% of Tunisians are not aware of the reality of the health situation that has become endangered due to the Coronavirus and does not wear the masks, warning that the country has enrolled the fourth stage of the outbreak which is the spread of a community infection in which it is difficult to track cases and identify the source of infection.

He added that calling the situation as “very dangerous” is not due to the outbreak in the country, but because of the lack of awareness among citizens of the seriousness of the situation, particularly since coexistence with the virus will extend for months until the vaccine is discovered.

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