Tunisia-Mliki: We cannot speak of national sovereignty without talking about economy or policy (Audio))

Political activist Hatem Mliki told Tunisie Numérique there are issues in the definition of the notion of national sovereignty, that is to say, the exercise by the Tunisian state of its powers on its territory.

Mliki said that national sovereignty can be impacted by the economic and social conditions of each country.

He also clarified that there is another phenomenon, which is the economic and social phenomenon, which means that whenever political stability is low in a state, the question of national sovereignty is affected.

The politician remarked that in Tunisia, it is not possible to understand this question as if the external pressures or the inner situation of Tunisia abolished national sovereignty, but at the same time, it decreased the margin of social movement and the Margin of movement of institutions and political authorities if it does not give them the capacity to act in their affairs properly.

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