Tunisia-Mohamed Abbou: No to a new constitution

Former Democratic Current leader Mohamed Abbou has spoken out against the founding of a new constitution. According to him, the problem does not rest with the 2014 constitution but with the corrupt political system that devastated Tunisia.

He estimated that it is enough to adjust a few articles of the constitution without abolishing it altogether (notably articles 3, 143 and 144) and to change the composition of the Parliament.

The establishment of a presidential regime and the reformation of the electoral system will not be able to solve the actual problem, namely corruption.

“Mr President, you have been requested to activate Article 80 and dismantle the corruption system … and then put an ending to the state of emergency as soon as the judiciary, security and administration have returned to their natural functioning… You are capable of this with the broad powers that the current constitution presents you ”. “What the presidential adviser announced yesterday can be understood as an early announcement of the failure of your anti-corruption project, as a result of which you are seeking to convince people that the adoption of a new political system will be the magical solution to their problems ”.

The 2014 constitution is not an imminent peril, he added, reemphasising his opposition to the establishment of a new constitution.

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