Tunisia-Nabil Hajji: Hichem Mechichi did not understand the lesson

Remarking on the cabinet reshuffle proposed by prime minister Hichem Mechichi, Democratic bloc MP Nabil Hajji announced the government is weak and has no vision. The evidence is a cabinet reshuffle which will change approximately half of its members after a period of 4 months.

Hajji further emphasised that this administration is far from being technocratic, recalling at the same time that the dissolution of the previous government was prompted by a suspicion of conflict of interest.

However, Hichem Mechichi did not understand the lesson and recommended ministers with suspicions of corruption, which is paradoxical.

Hajji exposed, in the same context, the existence of a conflictual relation between the 3 presidencies for nearly 4 months, which has worsened with the disclosure of the cabinet reshuffle.

According to him, this crisis will hinder the proposed ministers from performing their missions, given the refusal of the President of the Republic to take an oath before him, and will add to the deterioration of the socio-economic situation.

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