Tunisia-National Bar Association denounces American interference

The National Bar Association of Tunisia criticized the publication by the US State Department of a press release on the low turnout in the referendum of July 25, 2022.

The order likewise criticized Joey R. Hood, future Ambassador of the United States of America to Tunisia remarks. 


The National Bar Association of Tunisia deemed these actions as interference and an attack on the sovereignty of Tunisia and its people. It considered that this was contradictory to diplomatic customs and violated Article 41 of the Vienna Convention forbidding interference in the internal affairs of one country by the diplomatic representative of another.

The order also cautioned against the involvement of the Tunisian army and its exploitation in political conflicts. It insisted on the independence of this institution and its role in the protection of the country. The order subsequently condemned the attempts at intimidation and blackmail evoking the economic support of the United States of America to Tunisia.

It recollected its attachment to the sovereignty of the Palestinian people and its rejection to normalize with the Zionist entity. The National Bar Association of Tunisia repeated its support for the process that began on July 25, 2021, and called on the national authorities to speed up the establishment of a new system to end the “dark decade”.

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