Tunisia – National dialogue : Noureddine Tabboubi calls for the participation of political parties

UGTT General Secretary Noureddine Tabboubi announced during the 11th Congress of the Regional Labor Union in Ben Arous that no one can make decisions affecting the future of Tunisia without the participation of the UGTT.


He stressed the solution to the crisis the country is undergoing currently does not rest in dividing Tunisians because of their discords, adding that all citizens need to learn to coexist. The solution to the crisis must be found without opening the door to foreign intervention, according to Tabboubi, who emphasised that this should be done with the participation of all political actors, including parties.

In the same vein, he indicated that political parties play a crucial role in the construction of democracy, saying that the UGTT rejects that the national dialogue takes place under the aegis of “popular committees”.

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