Tunisia- Nissaf Ben Alaya : Closure of Tunis-Carthage airport is not considered over COVID-19

The closing of the Tunis Carthage International Airport has not been considered, following the contamination of 7 workers with the coronavirus, Director-General of the National Observatory for New and Emerging Diseases Nissaf Ben Alaya told the TAP.
She additionally guaranteed on the same occasion that the epidemiological situation is under control thanks to the reinforcement of preventive measures.
She added that the seven infected people have been placed in a quarantine centre to monitor their health status.
The result of tests conducted on the relatives of infected persons have come out negative, Ben Aalaya specified.
Regarding the possibility of closing borders given an increase in the rate of infections abroad, Ben Alaya said this decision had not been discussed since the majority of countries in the world had opened their borders by implementing the necessary preventive measures.
18 domestic cases have been recorded Since the opening of borders on June 27, Alaya recalled.
Before the arrival of seasonal flu in the fall, the health ministry is looking at ways to support intensive care and resuscitation beds and COVID-19 quarantine centres to prevent further deterioration of the overall situation, Ben Alaya assured.
Strict control will also be applied at the quarantine centres to prevent any attempt to escape, the official added, noting that the four people who had fled from the Kef health centre were found and placed in a quarantine centre.

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