Tunisia- Noureddine Tabboubi vows to straighten route towards upholding national sovereignty

The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) will straighten the route towards upholding national sovereignty, UGTT Secretary-General Noureddine Tabboubi promised on Sunday in Sfax.
“We will go, very soon, to Bardo not to dissolve Parliament but to straighten the route towards upholding national sovereignty,” he emphasised at a meeting in Sfax, without providing more details.
The demonstration of workers staged on Sunday in front of the UGTT seat in Sfax, is a manifestation of solidarity with health trade unionists, recently detained in the case of “alleged” assault against MP Mohamed Affès of the Al Karama Coalition.
Taboubi estimated that the UGTT is now confronting a “vicious” slander campaign, driven by parties opposed to trade union action, adding that this is merely political strife to transform the way of life of Tunisians and threaten the civil nature of the State.
“The UGTT will courageously face the associates of the terrorist organisation known as Daesh who attempt to damage the national achievements of the civil State,” Taboubi warned.
In another connection, the UGTT secretary general related to the interview given by Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh, in which he had stated that the government could reduce wages if the situation of public finances continues to deteriorate.
Tabboubi advised in this regard, against any attempt to reduce the wages of civil servants and State employees, announcing the start shortly, of the third phase of negotiations on wage increases.
“Negotiations with the government should take place next August,” he said.

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