Tunisia-Observatory for Defence of Civil Nature of State denounces night protests

The Observatory for the Defence of the Civil Nature of the State strongly condemned the night demonstrations staged in some regions of Greater Tunis during the curfew.

“The slogans of political Islam chanted during these demonstrations prove that these movements are not spontaneous and suggest that there was coordination with parties with Islamist references,” said a statement issued by the Observatory on Wednesday.

The latter expresses outrage by this attitude, which ignores the State’s strategy to contain the epidemic threatening the country.

The Observatory calls on the political, security and judicial authorities to show firmness towards these groups and to rigorously enforce the law to those who violate the provisions of general lock-down and curfew.

In these difficult times, the Observatory stresses that it will be necessary to redouble vigilance and precautions to increase awareness among Tunisians of the best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19, “instead of declaiming dangerous slogans in the name of religion.”

Spokesman for the General Directorate of National Security Walid Hakima announced on Wednesday the initiation of an investigation into the youths who had gone out on the streets on Tuesday night in Rades and Jebel Lahmer.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has taken up the case and the law will be enfrced, he said.

In a statement to TAP , Hakima specified that “this is not exactly a demonstration but simply young people, the majority of whom are minors who went out in the streets to beg for God’s mercy.”

Security patrols had forced the curfew violators to return home, he said.

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