Tunisia-Parliament officially announces lists of parliamentary blocs and its presidents

The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) formally announced at a plenary session the formation of parliamentary groups and the HPR Bureau.

The following is a listing of parliamentary groups and their presidents:

  • Ennahdha movement: 54 members, with Noureddine Bhiri President and Mohamed Zourig Vice-President.
  •  Democratic group: 41 members, with Ghazi Chaouachi President and Abderrazek Aouidet Vice-President.
  •  Qalb Tounes group: 38 members, with Hatem Mliki President and Oussama Khlifi Vice-president.
  • Al Karama Coalition group: 21 members, with Seifeddine Makhlouf President and Zied Hachmi Vice-President.
  •  Free Destourian party group: 17 members, with Abir Moussi President and Thameur Saad Vice-President.
  • National Reform group: 15 members, with Hsouna Nasfi President and Faycal Tahri Vice-President.
  •  Tahya Tounes group: 14 members, with Mustapha Ben Ahmed President and Ayachi Zammel Vice-President.
  • -Al Mostakbal group: 9 members, with Adnene Ben Brahim President and Issam Bargougui Vice-President

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