Tunisia-PM Mechichi orders an audit of the EVAX platform

The presidency of the government declared that prime minister Hichem Mechichi directed the General Authority of Financial Control to conduct an audit and evaluation of the “EVAX” platform. in response to recent accusations of violations of the priority principle by members of the government and accusations against the Ministry of Health concerning the Coronavirus vaccination process.

The presidency of the government desired to clarify that the vaccination of members of the administration took place within the framework of transparency and respect for the order of priorities fixed by the Ministry of Health, since the launch of the vaccination campaign. March 13 and according to the national strategy set.

In addition, it added that that the vaccination of ministers and senior officials was prepared just after the launch of the vaccination campaign for personnel in important sectors, such as security and the army.

Indicating that currently, citizens with essential jobs are vaccinated along with the elderly and healthcare professionals.

According to the same source, the Presidency of the Government calls on everyone not to question the transparency of the vaccination campaign, emphasising the necessity to increase the confidence of citizens and consolidate the national efforts of all.

It further estimated that vaccination can only take place after enrollment on the “EVAX” platform and is counting on the efforts of everyone, including citizens, associations and civil society organizations to make this campaign a success.

As such, prime minister Hichem Mechichi commanded the General Financial Control Authority to conduct an audit and evaluation of the “EVAX” system to identify problems and flaws and correct them.

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