Tunisia-Political Current calls President Kais Saied to shield Mohamed Brahmi’s assassination file

The Popular Current asked the National Security Council on its president of the President to exert the needed steps to shield the file of Mohamed Brahmi’s assassination, determine the involvement of Ennahdha’s “secret apparatus,” in addition to the file of carrying youths to conflict zones to battle alongside terrorists.
The party regarded as “dangerous” the data reported by the defence collective pointing out that the Brahmi case is a national issue connected to Tunisia’s national security and foreign policy.
In a statement released Friday on the commemoration of the 7th anniversary of Mohamed Brahmi’s assassination, the current stress that the blood of Tunisia’s martyrs should not be the target of political arrangements, adding that the discovery of the truth is a priority of the party and of all free men in Tunisia, notwithstanding attempts to flout the case by the conspiracy of several sides within the judicial and security apparatus with political parties, first and foremost the Ennahdha movement.
The People’s Current commends the considerable efforts used by the defence collective in the case of the assassination of Mohamed Brahmi and Chokri Belaid to reveal the whole truth, embracing the latest decisions made by the judiciary, including, in special, the transferal of the file on Ennahdha’s secret apparatus to the Ariana court.
These measures also include the request for access to all data on the correspondence of the American embassy dated July 12, 2013, in which it alerted the Tunisian authorities to the assassination of Brahmi.
The dissolution of Fakhfakh’s government in record time testifies to a power crisis, which calls for a new policy.
Yet it now seems unsuccessful to continue to rely on parliamentary groups that have lost all credibility, the same source states.
The party emphasized in its statement the need for a personality capable of forming a small team and opening up new prospects for overcoming the crisis through a salvation programme.
The Political Current proposes in the same regard, to widen consultations while avoiding the approaches taken since 2011.

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