Tunisia-Popularity barometer of the 3 presidents – 16th Wave: Slight drop in the popularity of Kaïs Saïed

Tunisia Survey, a specialist in online surveys and digital studies, has just uncovered the results of its popularity barometer of the 3 presidents.

This barometer is based on a self-administered online survey that took place from June 14 to 22, 2021. Its aim is to assess the satisfaction of Tunisian Internet users with the performance of the 3 presidents: Kaïs Saïed, Rached Ghannouchi and Najla Bouden.

It should be noted that a former special edition of the barometer was reserved for wave 14 before July 25 and wave 15 after July 25. This latest special edition was based on 2 self-administered online surveys (waves) as follows:

  • Wave 14 took place from July 22 to 25 and included the 3 Presidents: Kaïs Saïed, Rached Ghannouchi and Hichem Mechichi.
  • Wave 15 took place from July 26 to August 05 and concerned solely the 02 remaining Presidents: Kaïs Saïed and Rached Ghannouchi, Hichem Mechichi being removed from his post.
The results revealed that July 25, 2021, propelled Kaïs Saïed’s popularity and further pushed the unpopularity of Rached Ghannouchi established for 15 waves as the all-time record holder for unpopularity.

It should be remembered that during the 14th wave of the barometer, respondents’ satisfaction with each of the three presidents was as follows.

  • Kais Saied 35% of respondents were dissatisfied with his performance
  • Hichem Mechichi11% of respondents were dissatisfied with his performance.
  • Rached Ghannouchi more than 8 % of respondents were dissatisfied with his performance.

For wave 15 of the barometer, respondents’ satisfaction with the two presidents was as follows.

  • For Kaïes Saïed 87% of respondents were content with his performance;
  • For Rached Ghannouchi 6% of respondents were satisfied with his performance.

It should be remembered that on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, Najla Bouden Romdane was designated by the President of the Republic Kaïs Saïed as prime minister. For the first time in the history of Tunisia and the Arab world, a woman has assumed the post of head of government.

At the head of the Kasbah, Najla Bouden Romdhane was responsible for forming the new government. This 16th wave of the barometer is accordingly characterised by the entry of the  President of the Government. The online survey took place from 01 October to 11 October 2021. The sample size after screening is 1,891 respondents.

Ghannouchi record holder of unpopularity:

As unpopular as ever, The frozen House speaker Rached Ghannochi has failed to raise the bar.  His unpopularity is now at its lowest point with 94% unsatisfied with him.

The popularity of Kaïes Saïed down slightly
Since March 2020 (Wave 1) Rached Ghannouchi has never been able to raise the bar. Barring a miracle, Rached Ghannouchi has definitely lost the game of popularity.

Despite the boost of July 25, the popularity of the President of the Republic reveals a drop of 12 points. More than 75% of respondents are satisfied with its performance compared to 87% during wave 15.

Najla Bouden Romdane inherits the popularity of Kaïs Saïd
The newly-appointed prime minister profits from the popularity of the President of the Republic with 74% of respondents satisfied with her performance. It should be remarked that the same phenomenon of “political aspiration” was observed in the past on the occasion of the appointment of Hichem Mechichi, on July 25, 2020, with 60% satisfied during wave 7.
Despite This starting capital, the popularity of Hichem Mechichi ended up hitting rock bottom alongside Rached Ghannouchi.
Lack of trust, program and  experience are the main reasons for dissatisfaction:
  • For Rached Ghannouchi: 82% of dissatisfied people are dissatisfied because they do not trust him.
  • For Kaïs Saïed: 66% of dissatisfied people are dissatisfied because he has no program (navigate blindly).


  • For Najla Bouden Romdane: 54% of respondents are dissatisfied because she possesses no political experience.

The full scan can be ordered at www.tunisia-survey.com.

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