Tunisia- Presidency of the Republic: Tunisia will never accept to be part of an alliance

The presidency of the republic issued a statement affirming that “Tunisia will never accept to be part of an alliance nor an alignment”, Alluding to what it appears to be direct accusations of alignment on the axis of Turkey and Qatar in the Libyan file.

The declaration stated that “Deceitful accusations, interpretations and allegations that have occurred since yesterday is due to misinterpretations and wrong perceptions, or they stems from the same sources who have consistently sought to defame and tarnish.

The Presidency of the republic maintained that “if a view contrary to this has been displayed from Tunisia or abroad, it solely binds those who claim it”.

“The President of the Republic is keen to preserve Tunisia’s sovereignty, independence and freedom of decision, a fact that can never be the subject of overbids or discussions, and there is no plan of concluding any types of alliances or alignment”, added the statement.

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