Tunisia-“Qalb Tounes” calls for keeping military and security institutions away from political bickering

Qalb Tounes party called to keep the military and security institutions “away from political bickering» and “any «exploitation» to preserve their republican nature.

In a statement Saturday, the party’s political bureau said it was deeply concerned about the political situation in the country, marked by “conflicts of rivalries and power,” while “the people suffer the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the stifling economic, financial and social crisis.

The party calls to do everything to avoid escalation and return as soon as possible to a political solution by making the supreme interest of the country prevail.

For Qalb Tounes, it is essential to opt for dialogue and seek solutions capable of addressing the “vital concerns” of Tunisians and “save the country.

The party said the arrest of Nabil Karoui, chairman of Qalb Tounes, and his imprisonment for over four months is “one of the major elements of the political crisis” in Tunisia.

“There is no reason to keep him in detention in a case in which he is still presumed innocent,» said the party.


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