Tunisia-Retail sector on Web and social media (April 2020): Carrefour number 1, Monoprix ranks last

The April 2020 study, conducted by MDWEB, a pioneer in electronic marketing and digital studies in Tunisia, studies the digital presence, on the web and social media, of players in mass distribution in Tunisia.

These 2 events were distinguished by a vital flood of digital communications actions throughout a period of nutritional and digital overconsumption.

Theoretically, all the components were collected for an over-exposure of digital advertising at the cost of a classic model of mass-media communication,  budgetary constraints obliged!

According to Alexa and based on the number of visits and the number of page views:

– Carrefour occupies the 1st position followed by Géant.

The solid discounter Aziza is second last. despite the best number of page views per visitor/day (4.1)

– Monoprix ranks last. It has the highest bounce rate (59.5%)


On social media, the brands’ communication strategy concentrated largely on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

On Facebook :

Aziza posted the best performance with the highest number of posts (86), the highest number of interactions (298,158) and the best engagement rate (0.89).

Despite several subscribers representing just 65% of the leader Carrefour (1,737,750 subscribers), Aziza is further distinguished by the better evolution of the number of subscribers collected between March and April 2020. Aziza consequently made a striking jump of 68,240 new subscribers.

All of Facebook’s top posts, 5 in total, are from Aziza.

Aziza’s performances imply that Aziza is advancing by leaps and bounds and could quickly be in the top 3 on Facebook..


On Youtube :

Carrefour rankd 1st on Youtube with the highest number of subscribers (16,800) as well as the highest number of views (20,424).

Notwithstanding the largest number of new video publications (19) on Youtube, MG regrettably manages to generate only 272 views. A very exceptional underperformance since Carrefour generated 20,424 views for a single new video.

On Instagram:

Carrefour ranks first in terms of number of subscribers (102,947), number of likes and comments (6,964) for only 2 posts.

On Twitter:

Twitter is “marginalized” by the majority of players. Only Carrefour, Géant and Monoprix are present there but timidly on this site.


A quantitative and qualitative analysis was carried out on the various social media.

Full details can be ordered from the website: http://www.mdsoft-int.com/.

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