Tunisia-Retailing and social media: Aziza flies high by taking over the top 5 Facebook publications in June 2020

MDWEB, a pioneer in electronic marketing and digital studies, has just published the results of its survey concerning the E-presence of the main players in mass distribution in Tunisia for the month of June 2020.

The retail chains have established interactional and social communication bridges via the web. An original dynamic is prominent on the web and essentially on social networks where the activities and engagement of Internet users become guarantees of the success of communication campaigns.

In line with its activities supporting companies in their digital transformation and especially through digital monitoring activities, MDWEB is extending its study on the players in mass distribution: MG, Géant, Carrefour, Monoprix and AZIZA.

For the month of June 2020, the main results are as follows:

According to Alexa and on the basis of the number of visits and the number of pages viewed, Géant holds the 1st position on the web followed by Carrefour. Monoprix ranked last with the highest bounce rate.



On Facebook, Carrefour topped the rankings with 1,745,637 fans. 2nd place on the podium belonged to Magasin Général with 1,452,566 subscribers.
Notwithstanding having a lower number of Facebook fans than Carrefour, MG and Giant, Aziza succeeded to record the best engagement rate at 1.13%.
AZIZA won the top 5 Facebook publications in June 2020. The hard discounter has stood out for the quality of its communication for several months. On June, 5 of its publications were the best, all brands combined, on Facebook.
Monoprix ranked last on this network with 1,060,210 subscribers.




On Instagram, despite a decline of fans, Carrefour ranks first in terms of the number of followers (104,460), number of likes and comments (3,231).
AZIZA has the largest number of publications (24). MG is the last one with only 2 posts.


On YouTube and on the basis of the number of subscribers criteria:
Carrefour is the first with 17,800 subscribers. Géant is last with 1,490 subscribers.

AZIZA and MG still do not have Twitter accounts. None of the 3 brands on this network published in June.

A quantitative and qualitative analysis was carried out on various social media.
The full scan can be ordered from the website: http://www.mdsoft-int.com/

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