Tunisia-Ridha Raddaoui reveals explosive details on the alleged involvement of Ennahdha in political assassinations

Member of the committee for the defence of the martyrs Chokri Belaïd and Mohamed Brahmi, Ridha Raddaoui has revealed explosive information on the alleged involvement of the secret apparatus of the Ennahdha Movement in the cases of political assassinations. “In 2011, the Nama’a association, whose purpose is to promote foreign investment, was formed. About 3 years later, several indicators have confirmed the involvement of this association in dispatching young people to jihad. A complaint was lodged in this regard, though the former prosecutor of the Tunis court of first instance Bechir Akremi interfered very quickly in this case to disrupt its progress,” he said.
According to Raddadoui, there are connections between this association and  Rached Ghannouchi and this, on the basis of several evidence and documents. According to the member of the defence committee, the manifest goal of “Nama’a” is the development of foreign investment while the secret objective is to send young people to jihad against a sum of money transmitted by the princely cabinet to a bank account belonging to Rached Ghannouchi created in Qatar. It stays to be seen, who manages Rached Ghannouchi’s money? “This is Najeh Haj Letaief. This man was the representative of a foreign company located in Tunisia which works in the textile industry sector. After he was released from his position for theft of money, the emails he sent to foreign parties were viewed by his successor who had access to the company’s work email address. We were able to access these emails which indicated that Ghannouchi received huge sums of money up to 30 million euros. Ghannouchi likewise had ties to a former general manager of a telephone operator. The Head of the Ennahdha Movement had the habit to meet the responsible every two weeks. Before the meeting, a team searched the sweet of the hotel to detect the presence of spy equipment. The former DG even instructed a technical team to put senior state officials, judges and politicians under the wire,” he revealed.
In an effort to divulge the truth about these cases, the lawyer announced that the Belaïd and Brahmi martyrs’ defence committee filed complaints against many parties for money laundering, espionage, undermining state security and maintaining links with foreign parties.

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