Tunisia – “Sajalni” application targeted by smuggling lobbies

The “Sajalni” application came into effect a few days ago, the latter makes it feasible to identify, locate and deactivate mobile phones not listed in the official Tunisian register, accordingly stolen or smuggled in, and usually counterfeit parts.

Since its announcement, the application has shited to be the favourite target of smuggling lobbies and barons of the parallel market. These lobbies do not pause to attack the Minister of Telecommunications, Mohamed Fadhel Kraïem, the initiator of this program, blaming him of all errors, simply because he stripped them of an illegal livelihood. They desire, through their attacks, to persuade users that this application was set up to infringe their rights.

Nevertheless, this application was launched for the profit of the taxpayer, who benefits on different levels.

First, on a financial level, the battle against smuggling, which represents more than 60% of cell phones in Tunisia, will enable the State to renew its resources in terms of customs taxes for lawfully imported devices.

Next on a health level, this application will restrict the usage of unapproved equipment, in that case, the likely non-compliance with safety and health standards. This will decrease accidents due to the use of hazardous materials.

Lastly, in terms of security, since barring all devices declared stolen, will make their use impossible and as a result, diminish snatch and other operations which are often sources of severe complications, which can go as far as to murder.

So there, yes. The lobbies have all interest in pursuing a war on this spoilsport!

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