Tunisia – Sfax: And its off again for a new collective sanction!

The principal running water pipe supplying the governorate of Sfax has just turned to the level of Sousse. This is the second event in just a few days. There was, in fact, a former rupture in the pipeline which denied Grand Sfax running water for five days and hardly fixed, this conduct has, again, failed.

The water has been cut off in many parts of the city, while the reserves of the water towers that supply the other districts are drying up in turn. According to some specialists, the region of Sfax was left for three to four days without water, and perhaps more, when we take into account the last rainfalls which will certainly make the interventions on the underground pipes even more challenging.

The sfaxiens are preparing, accordingly, at the moment, for the worst, while SONEDE has not yet to notify them of the situation, preferring to let them sink, a little longer, before telling them of the disaster that they are facing.

Seems like the Sfaxians are going to have to question themselves, and attempt to figure out what they could have done wrong to be punished like this.

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