Tunisia-Slow movement at Ras Jedir frontier

Amid the escalated tension in the Libyan capital Tripoli and in regards to the contradictory rising stories of the status of Libyan families in Tunisia. Our correspondent has turned to Ras Jedir frontier to inquire about the transit movement and listen to stories of Libyans coming to Tunisia. The road toward Ras Jedir was almost empty, with the exception of a few cars, mainly belonging to traders who returned with a little fuel from Libya. Traffic was low and most arriving cars were carrying a Tunisian license plate in the exception of few Libyan cars.

Asked by our correspondent, Libyans, said the reason for their visit to Tunisia was treatment and care, stressing that the situation in the country was stable, with the exception of skirmishes in the suburbs of the capital Tripoli, while others have asserted the existence of air strikes causing internal displacement caused by the conflict.

Tunisians in Libya, most of whom live outside the capital Tripoli, said shelling and gunfire sometimes took place 24 hours a day on the outskirts of the capital. When asked about the reason for their return, Tunisians stated that they came to celebrate Aid El Fitr before returning because they are unable to earn a livelihood in Tunisia. It should be noted that Tunisia has prepared an emergency plan in anticipation of the entry of refugees fleeing Libya in case of escalating fighting.



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