Tunisia-Tariaa: Concentration of guard points on beaches reached only 40% [Video]

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique, spokesman for Civil Protection, Brigadier General Moez Tariaa, confirmed that there is a shortage in concentrating several guard points on the beaches and in employing a number of lifeguards and supervisory agents as well.

Tariaa clarified that the gradual concentration of guard points starts at the beginning of June, and concludes on the 15th of the same month.

He pointed out that there are complications in providing a satisfactory number of lifeguard swimmers because the recruitment process is carried out by the municipalities, and then the Civil Protection carries out the process of training, supervising and hiring throughout the summer months.

The spokesman stated that, up to today, the concentration rate of these points in the coastal states has reached just 40%. As for the number of rescue swimmers, the percentage is still extremely low, not surpassing 13%. This is mainly due to the reluctance of many young people, who prefer to operate in tourist areas and the fact that a large number of them are students.

The official spokesman for Civil Protection underscored that coordination with the municipality is ongoing to attract the largest possible number of young people to partake in this plan. Although 2,290 assignments have been planned, the currently available number is still far from adequate. A plan has been drawn up to set 276 guard points under the supervision of 153 Civil Protection staff, most of whom are divers.

As for the drowning incidents that were registered since the beginning of the summer, there were 5 deaths during May and 6 deaths from the start of June until June 8, and Tariaa considered this number to be large.

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