Tunisia-Tataouine : Several measures adopted after the worsening epidemiological situation

The medical commission for the fight against the coronavirus organized a meeting on Friday evening in Tataouine, during which a presentation was discussed on the epidemiological situation and the means to deal with the virus, in addition to monitoring progress at the Covid department level.

Chairman of the Covid-19 commission Dr Issam Loukil underscored the gravity of the health situation in the region, the number of residents in the ICU unit reached 5 while the number of admitted to the oxygen service reached 6.

Proposals were similarly submitted to increase the service’s capacity in this regard. After discussion and exchange of views, the committee decided:

  • The opening of a Covid-19 department next week.
  • Banning visits to the regional hospital and the strengthening of hospital guards.
  • Poper usages of medical, paramedical and administrative staff and the provision of the required equipment so that the hospital is better prepared to face the pandemic.


The Commission indicated the necessity to work for the proper implementation of the recommendations of the National Committee for the fight against the coronavirus and the measures declared at the regional level, consisting in the application of the curfew and the implementation of the recommendations related to wearing masks, physical distancing, sterilization, prevention, vigilance and caution at various levels, which will aid in limiting the spread of the pandemic.

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