Tunisia- the court issued its verdict concerning Nidaa Tounes dispute.

The administrative tribunal has promptly issued its official verdict in regards to the electoral disaccord in the raws of Nidaa Tounes. The judicial ruling granted no legal legitimacy to neither parties. The court’s explicitly explained that the ruling outcome depended on the situation status between “Clan Hammamet” and ” Clan Monastir” before the dispute, which meant that at that time Hafedh Caïd Essebsi was the legal representative of Nidaa Tounes.

The court has issued an explanatory text on the content of its decision. They clarified that the electoral dispute in regards to municipal election’s run was used as a general framework to examine both appeals. Therefore, the court is examining the legitimacy of the decisions taken by the electoral commission in regards to the refusal of the designated electoral lists presented by Nidaa Tounes.

In concern to the lack of legal representation of the appeals addressed to them. The court had to decide the legitimacy of the rejected list by the Electoral Commission. The Administrative Court reasoned that settlement, in this case, was out of reach. Admitting independence of conflict in regards to the candidacy of electoral lists

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