Tunisia-The night the revolution ignited , Hamma Hammami tells-all

Leader of the Tunisian Workers’ Party Hamma Hammami sat down for an interview with Tunisie Numérique where he turned back the clock of time by recounting his long years of Activism which started with his arrestment in 1972 by the national security office till the night of January 14th  in the Interior ministry basement, A night that ignited the jasmine revolution and changed history.

Speaking with strength and toughness, he narrated his memories from the night of January 12 to January 14, Beginning from his arrestment for conspiracy till his discharge on January 14th.

He remembered being chained in the ministry of Interior when he heard shouts yelling”Freedom, dignity and nationality. Left for the unknown, he remembers how agents fled. “History wanted me to live the moment of freedom unlike activists who perished under the hands of the oppressor”, says Hammami.

After two nights of tortures and nightmares in the interior basement, he was released only to open the TV and learn of Ben Ali escape.

Regarding the accomplishments of Tunisia after the revolution, our guest speaker stated that the most significant achievement is to live in your country freely and the freedom of expression without constraint. Tunisia has become a nation where all political spheres can coexist despite their differences, he added.




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