Tunisia-Tunisair CEO Olfa Hamdi emerges as a lioness in her first task

Tunisair new CEO Olfa Hamdi affirmed the shocking situation she found as she assumed office, in Fact Mrs Hamdi expressed her astonishment at the company’s distressed situation, the stranded planes and people who cannot decide.

After much effort,Mrs Hamdi announced that following 10 days of work and immense effort to rest the course of trips ,she was faced with Unions in the company who deliberately brought people from outside Tunisair, the latter assembled for three days infront of the CEO office and engaged in a card game and lighting cigarettes in a process that she said threatens her physical safety, calling for the refusal for any stranger to stay inside the headquarters of the institution.

Mrs Hamdi directed in a firm speech her refusal for offices to be lockdown or for people to come in the director’s office as if they are classified in two categories,”there is one door where cars enter and its the front one “,she said.

Hamdi delivered a powerful speech, illustrating her iron mind in renovating Tunisair and putting it again on the track.From body language to her tone she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind nor point out what needed to be fixed.

Ms Hamdi is an American-trained engineer, inventor and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, according to her LinkedIn page.

She holds a Master of Science degree in Capital Project Management from The University of Texas at Austin, a Master of Science qualification in Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Lille, and a graduate degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution for construction disputes from Texas School of Law. She is also a fellow of the Construction Law section of the State Bar of Texas.




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