Tunisia-Tunisia Announces New entry conditions COVID-19 Measures

The Ministry of Health declared today that taking into account the progression of the health situation in the world and the identification of a new variant of Covid-19, it was decided from Wednesday, December 1, 2021, to put in place the following measures to access Tunisian soil:

  • Obligation to submit a certificate confirming the finalization of the vaccination or a vaccination pass for all foreigners not resident in Tunisia over the age of 18
  • Obligation to present a certificate proving a negative PCR test for all individuals coming from abroad over the age of 2 age, provided that the test period does not surpass 48 hours.
  • The obligation of 10-day quarantine in one of the centres for all individuals coming from abroad or foreigners living in Tunisia and not having finalized their vaccination:


  1.    Comply with obligatory 10-day quarantine in one of the centres listed on the following site                                                                      https://www.ontt.tn/ar/blagh at their own expense.
  2. Obligation to give the document of the reservation as well as payment of all the expenses. In addition,                                             the cost of transport to the containment centre and the cost of the PCR test
  3.    Performing a PCR test during the last 24 hours in places of residence given that the test result is issued the 10th day of compulsory confinement  In the event that the test result is positive, the person concerned will be transported to an isolation centre and cover the costs of his accommodation
    • Perform a PCR test upon arrival in Tunisia, if the test was positive, the infected and unvaccinated person will cover the costs of their accommodation
    • For people wanting to access Tunisia for the purpose of receiving care, the following conditions are added to the obligation to give authorization from the specialized services to the Ministry of Health.

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