Tunisia-“Tunisie en avant” calls for massive participation in demonstrations of February 6

La Tunisie en avant” party condemned the pre-July 25 policy characterised by assassinations, economic and administrative corruption, economic collapse, the secret apparatus and sending of young people to jihad. The party cautioned against the late processing of court cases, especially those related to corruption, smuggling and terrorism cases while highlighting the independence of the judiciary.


It likewise called for massive participation in the February 6 demonstrations, which overlap with the anniversary of the assassination of political activist Chokri Belaid. According to the same source, “La Tunisie en avant” warned against following the dictates of the IMF having destroyed the economy of several countries calling for the development of “internal” mechanisms.

It correspondingly denounced the smear campaigns against political parties, organizations and personalities.

Commenting on the beginning of electronic consultations, the party said that this initiative will solely be effective with the adoption of a participatory approach.

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