Tunisia-UGTT denounces police violence against demonstrators in Sidi Hassine

UGTT condemned on June 10, 2021, police violence against a young Tunisian in Sidi Hassine that happened yesterday June 9, 2021.

The police pulled him to the ground and undressed him in front of passers-by and citizens.

The Union Organization has warned of the cruel and heinous oppression of this young man and refuses any excuse for his occurrence.

Considering that these practices are a flagrant breach of the Constitution of Human Rights and a severe setback for the democratic process.

Furthermore, the UGTT has demanded legal proceedings against those concerned and openly called on the prosecution to start an emergency inquiry as part of the fight against the culture of impunity.

In addition, it held prime minister and interim Minister of the Interior, Hichem Mechichi accountable for the recurring offences during his mandate, and deems it a repressive policy applied to silence social and popular protests, which only aggravates the situation of congestion and tension.

It further claimed that the most significant reasons for the escalation of the wave of violence are due to the exacerbation of hate speech promoted by some blocs and parties.

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