Tunisia-UMA members ready to battle all the wars to secure the independence of legal bodies

The executive office of the Union of Administrative Magistrates addressed the comments of the President of the Republic Kais Saied on the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSM), the call launched by a number of citizens to protest in front of the headquarters of the CSM as well banning officials from entering the seat of the institution in question.

Calling for respect for the principle of the separation of powers, the Union of Administrative Magistrates disclosed that the state of emergency is not the right framework for dealing with legal problems. “Any aggression on the judiciary is a breach of constitutional principles and international standards,” reads the same statement. UMA has, consequently:

– denounced the smear campaigns carried out by the Head of State Kais Saied against the judges with the purpose of influencing public opinion and assuring that the dissolution of the CSM constitutes a popular demand permitting him to get his hands on the judicial authority. The UMA clarified that these calls will expose the magistrates to several risks of aggression.

– clarified that the problems of the judiciary go past the CSM explaining that the political regime which rejects the reform of the judiciary was at the origin of the current situation

– cautioned the President of the Republic against any practice that could damage state institutions, including the dissolution of the CSM, calling on the latter to stop harassing magistrates and not to interfere in legal cases

– ensured that the independence of the judiciary is the only assurance of the continuity of the State and its stability

– reveals the readiness of its members to take all required measures to guarantee the independence of justice and the physical integrity of judges

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