Tunisia-Video :Abir Moussi breaks her silence

PLD leader Abir Moussi declared in a video broadcast live tonight July 26, 2021, that she will examine the current political situation once all parties and national components state their positions on President Kais Saied’s decision taken on July 25 i

She stressed indicated that she carried campaigned against khouanjis within the parliament despite local and international criticism. 

 “Today the President of the Republic has adopted Article 80 with his own interpretation. It was thanks to “the best Constitution in the world” that he had succeeded in his action…… regardless of the legal. we will not stand against the happiness and the will of the people. Yesterday, the Tunisians who went out to celebrate the president’s decisions were largely relieved by the removal of the Khwenjias and Mechichi governments. Many did not understand the president’s whole process, but we support his political approach ”,she added.

The president of the PDL insisted on stressing: “I know that the President of the Republic does not like us, or rather his entourage, however, we are always against the logic of” loot “, and we will support his approach as long as it meets the expectations of Tunisians ”.

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