Tunisia [video]: Abir Moussi will begin a tour in Tunisia from January 15th

PDL leader Abir Moussi declared that she will continue the sit-in set up in front of the headquarters of the Union of Muslim scholars while restricting the number of demonstrators in the application of measures issued by the authorities in the context of the battle against the Coronavirus.
Remarking on the fight against the khouanjis led by President Kais Saied, Ms Moussi expressed that he lost his fight in advance because of the house arrest which shifted “the leaders of this terrorist movement, into a victim in the eyes of international society ”. “Kais Saied’s war against the khouanjis is one of za’ama, of seizing power and he has no intent of dissolving their party,” she said.
As part of the protests against both the government in power and the khouanjis, the Head of the PDL announced that she will start a tour of Tunisia from Béja to Sfax from January 15 until January 18, which overlaps with the anniversary of the Revolution of January 18, 1952 led by Habib Bourguiba and the Destouriens to liberate Tunisia. Highlighting in the same context, that this is the only Revolution approved and validated by historians.

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