Tunisia-(Video) Abir Moussi:It’s over Ghannouchi! Sooner or later you will be punished! ”

We decided as the PDL to initially organize a protest in front of the presidency of the government, however, due to the security presence in front of the Kasbah palace, we had to shift the seat of the protest ”, said PDL leader Abir Moussi from  Kasbah square.

The PDL leader condemned the provocation and oppression of the authorities over the organization of the demonstrations.  Ms Moussi pointed to the political inexperience of the head of the state who only understands the theoretical part of the law. “Under the cover of imminent danger, he seized power. He should have encircled himself with skills to deal with socio-economic issues and protect the purchasing power of the people damaged by the corruption of Khouanjis. However he concentrated on his political romances, “she said.


Regarding the 20121 supplementary finance bill 2021, Ms Moussi said that PDL MPs insisted on participating in the discussion, voting and approving it, emphasising that the head of state signed it without any objection. “Banks decline to finance loss-making companies because of the pandemic. The state is now their favourite client, ”she said.

“1,400 million taxes, as well as payroll deductions and life annuities were infused into the state budget valued at 34 billion dinars. Funding at the expense of already weakened societies and citizens ” Ms Moussi further denounced the decline in purchasing power, addressing the government formed under Decree 117, which is feeding a Revolution similar to that of Ali Ben Gdhahom and providing free rein to khouanji parties.Accusing the Islamist parties of embezzlement of public funds, forcing citizens to consume products imported from Turkey and therefore blocked the wheel of local production. “Prepare for the new protectorate and the establishment of an international mandate after the collapse of the banking system!” Moussi predicted.

Indeed, she pointed to the further price hikes due to soaring inflation, calling on Kais Saied to be honest to the people. Regarding Law 38, Ms. Moussi stated that during the old regime, the unemployment rate was 13%, revealing that the increase in this rate to 18% is due to dropping out of school during this decade.


She stressed that Ghannouchi seized the chance to disrupt parliamentary and government activities, mobilizing unemployed youth to pass this famous law. “A purge and a reform of the civil service is required before the assignment of the young unemployed!”, She insisted. Moreover, she accused President Kais Saied of selfishness, because he only used his prerogatives when he felt threatened by the law of the Constitutional Court, evoking the famous and long letter of refusal that he written in pen and sent by courier “on the back of a horse”.

“It’s over Ghannouchi! You will be sanctioned sooner or later! ”, She said.

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