Tunisia [Video]: Hassouna Nasfi : For Ennahdha all what matters is that Ghannouchi remains at the head of the parliament

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, President of the National Reform parliamentary group Hsouna Nasfi affirmed that the outbreak of a new political crisis will only worsen the already dreadful economic and social situation in the country.

This crisis, as well as all the events that the political scene is currently experiencing, is mainly due to the censure motion against Rached Ghannouchi, he added.

It is unacceptable for Ghannouchi despite everything that has happened, to continues to hold on to the presidency of the parliament, he said.

Not ruling out the possibility of early elections, Nasfi announced that for the Ennahdha party, all that matters is that its president remains at the head of parliament, all the rest is just literature.

The censure motion will be filed today with the parliamentary order desk, with more than 73 signatures collected, he said.


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