Tunisia [Video]: People’s Movement organizes a rally in Gafsa

The People’s Movement arranged a rally this Saturday, March 20, 2021, in Gafsa to celebrate the 65th anniversary of national independence.

Speaking to  Tunisie Numérique, secretary-general of the People’s Movement, Zouhair Maghzaoui announced the rally arises as part of a set of rallies beginning today in Gafsa.

He added that they desire to send critical messages to Tunisians concerning political, economic and social deadlock in an effort to remake the two-way polarization of 2014 and whose outcomes the country continues to suffer.

The MP further recollected the symbolism of Gafsa as the cradle of the revolution and the conflict with the revolution of the mining basin as well as for its historical symbolism as well as the marginalization of which it is a victim as well as the shattered vows and the abandonment of the Gafsa phosphate company.

He added that the rally tries to recall all this in order to utilise a patriotic line that is not an illustration of the political struggles underway in Parliament but rather struggles in the service of the settlement of the problems and concerns of the people.

According to him, it is about talking of national policy, of a policy that upholds morals and in which the great national causes are addressed.

Referring to the leaked statements of MP Mohamed Ammar, he stated that these are parliamentary talk, ensuring that they have not requested anyone to speak on behalf of the People’s Movement.

He recalled that this is an affair in which a member of Parliament registered another at his home without his knowledge, pointing out that this is irrelevant of any morals.

For him when they go to battle a competitor they do it with honour, indicating that when they offered to withdraw confidence from Rached Ghannouchi, they did it with accuracy and when they deviated with their competitors on questions they did so with precision.


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