Tunisia- [Video]: Zakaria Bouguira warns of the virulence of a new mutant variant of Omicron

Speaking Tunisie Numérique,Dr Zakaria Bouguira confirmed that Tunisia will see from next week a drop in the number of infections from  Coronavirus and the decrease in the spread of the virus.“We are currently in a period of an epidemiological peak, that is to say, that of the maximum number of infections, the citizens are mostly infected by the virus and this is visible given the reduced presence of people in public spaces. From the following week, the curve of infections will be declined,” he said.
“Note the difference between the curves of infections, hospitalization, resuscitation and death, may God have mercy on them, we are going to notice the drop in the curve of infections after a week, against the rise in those of hospitalization, resuscitation and death, ”he said.
In the same context, our speaker affirmed the discovery of a new mutated strain of omicron named by scientists BA.2. “According to preliminary studies, this virus strain is discovered to be more virulent than the parent strain,” he said. Adding that it is backed with a faster propagation than the omicron and that it has “10 genetic mutations”.
Asked about the measures to be taken to effectively combat the Coronavirus pandemic, Dr Bouguira emphasised the necessity to protect borders by imposing general lockdown to avoid the emergence of new strains…… Likewise, he underlined the importance of vaccination, calling for the rejection of received ideas about vaccines. “I call for the application of the “Zero Covid” policy, it is the only one that can save us all”, he said.
Explaining that this strategy is based on the application of general lockdown of 3 to 4 weeks since the dominant strain, omicron is not virulent. It likewise proposes the implementation of additional measures, namely: carrying out analyzes and isolating infected people.
Dr Bouguira also called on the State to assume its social role and take care of its citizens during the period of general lockdown. “The state must allocate aid to citizens, or announce a general tax amnesty, postpone the maturities of loans and leasing and stop the payment of water and gas bills. Simple measures that help society overcome this period and extinguish the virus,” he suggested.
“The second pillar is that of quarantine, invented by Avicenna then taken up by the Venetians. It must be applied to all entrants to Tunisia.
Hosted for two weeks at the hotel, they will only be permitted to frequent society if the result of the PCR test is negative, ”he continued. Dr Zakaria affirmed the efficacy of this strategy against the epidemic, indicating that its ultimate objective is to return to normal life as before 2019.

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